Where Truth and Service is its foundation, Lao-Korean College

Welcome to Lao-Korean College


 Lao-Korean College(LKC) has become a reputed private college in Lao PDR, 10 years after it was founded in 2006, its aim was to educate young people based on Korea’s successful educational experiences.

 LKC has continued to educate students who love their country and will lead the future of this country based on the educational philosophy of truth and service. As a result, we are very happy to see these educated students working throughout their society and influencing their country in a great way.

 In the future, LKC will focus on implementing practical education of students through practicums as well as practical theory lessons in the classroom. With the truth students have learned and the spirit of service, LKC will continue to provide power to Laos’ national development, to love, to share, and to serve the people in Lao PDR.

 Although it is still weak, by starting the research necessary for the growth of the country of Laos, LKC will further expand the functions of education and research by continuing to receive support from South Korea, which in then will affect the Lao society. As a result, LKC will soon become the most prestigious university in Laos that will develop both personnel and information.

I hope you will join in and help LKC in carrying out this vision.


Jong Beom Lee
President, Lao-Korean College