Department of Electrical Engineering

Department Overview

The Department of Electrical Engineering cultivates specialists who would construct national infrastructure industry related with hydropower generation facilities, power systems, transmission and distribution facilities, high voltage, electric power equipment and digital fields that support the national infrastructure projects. We educate through a practical program that can be adapted to the field immediately after graduation. To do this, we provide field training as well as theory and practical practice within the school.


Educational Objectives

Acquire basic theory related to electrical engineering

– Actual electric phenomenon education in electric field through practical training

Develop the ability to solve electrical problems practically through field practice

– To train an expert with special knowledge in this field by providing practical educational program with laboratory and field practice and electrical theory study.


Main Subjects

– Electromagnetic

– Electric Circuit Theory

– Engineering Mathematics

– Transmission and Distribution

– Electric Machinery

– Electrical Materials

– Automatic Control

– High Voltage

– Field Training

Employment status and graduate career status

Students who graduate from this electrical engineering department can work for various companies in the electricity field in Thailand, Korea and Vietnam, as well as the National Electric Company of Lao PDR(EDL). Also, they can establish independent companies related to repairing and operating for electrical engineering, and/or pursue further professional study by joining the National University of Laos.



Experimental Equipment Pictures