Department of Korean Language

Department Overview

Currently, Korean courses are necessary to do business with Koreans in Laos, to study abroad, to gain work opportunities in Korea, and to marry Koreans. Therefore, we have opened this department to solve this problem. The Lao people can live with the Koreans without inconvenience because they understand the Korean culture from the perspective of science, understand the Korean culture, and teach various ways to adapt in Korea.  This will be what the Korean professors will do in the Korean language department.

Educational Objectives
  • To cultivate Korean personnel in Laos to help resolve communication issues with Lao people
  • To promote a multicultural society and cultivate human resources that will help Korean families living in Laos
  • To foster global professionals to help Lao people living in Korea or within the Korean culture
  • To foster global professionals with the flexibility to work in various Korean and overseas jobs
Main Subjects
  • Korean pronunciation theory
  • Korean grammar theory
  • Introduction to the Korean language
  • Modern Korean culture
  • Traditional Korean culture
  • Korean business language, etc.
Employment status and graduate career status

Graduates from the Department of Korean language will be engaged in interpretation, translation, trade, and educational services within institutions such as banks, government offices, and general enterprises.


Faculty Members