Department of English

Department Overview

The Department of English was the first department opened at Lao-Korean College in 2006. The Department of English studies teaches the students the necessary English skills to be able to do translation work, interpreting, or other English related work. Both Americans and Lao are working to make this a reality.


Educational Objectives
  • To secure basic English ability
  • Contribute to society and nation by securing the ability to translate both in English and Lao.
  • Solving the problem of language communication by securing interpreting skills in both English and Lao.
  • Ensuring the ability to perform English related tasks by training them to work flexibly in various jobs within their society.


Main Subjects
  • Basic English
  • General English
  • English Grammar, Reading, Listening and Speaking, Writing, Pronunciation
  • English for Business
  • English for Tourism, and Translation (English to Lao/Lao to English)


Employment status and graduate career status

Graduates are active in banks, government offices, and general companies. Graduates of the English department will be active in interpreting, translation work, trade, and English education.


Faculty Members