Department of Computer Science




Department Overview

Computer Science department is here to educate and to help students accurately understand and apply their knowledge towards computers and software. New students learn the basics such as how a computer works, how to make software, how to act.  Senior students learn and apply computer logic and software knowledge through logical and systematic thinking. In addition, the department operates the program development center to provide opportunities to professional business people on and off campus to learn advanced knowledge about computers in general and to professonal business people.


Educational Objective
  • Cultivation of IT engineers who will drive IT into the future of Lao PDR
  • Software Engineer (Programmer), Computer Engineer, Network engineer
  • Cultivation of Global talented people with international competitiveness


Main Subjects
  • Programming language
  • Structure of computer
  • Graphic design
  • Software development
  • Algorithm and data structure
  • Database
  • Web design and development


Employment status and graduate career status

If you graduate from the department, you can work in various fields such as software programmer, computer network operator, and computer facilities operator. And you can study computer design and development through both master and doctorate courses.


Faculty Members