Computer Program Development Center




The Program Development Center is run by the Department of Computer IT, which is run by all the computer IT professors, external experts, and students with specialized knowledge.


Purpose of establishment

By creating students with a creative mindset and self-motivated studying skills, they are fostering talents that can be used to lead this world. In a rapidly changing global environment, opportunities can be created for young people and for young people in Laos to get acquainted with and access IT more easily.


Establishment Background
■ IT talent training
  • It gives students the ability to study on their own.
  • Provide students with development and field experience so that they can adapt easily to the work environment in related fields after graduation.
  • Provide education for young people in Laos so that they can access IT easily.


■ IT advancement
  • Professors and researchers will take the lead in rapidly evolving IT and strive to make Laos an IT powerhouse.
  • Students will train faculty members who can train their juniors in related fields.


■ Organization

System Operation Development Team

  • Development of system operations such as government agencies, corporations, schools, banks, and etc.

Web Services Development Team

  • Production and management of any type of homepage

Service Operation Development Team

  • Development of various service solutions

Education Enhancement Team

  • Advanced Program Training
  • Computer programmer education for the next generation (volunteer)


■ Researcher composition
  • Project manager: Faculty
  • Senior developer: S / W development experience
  • Junior developer: Our graduates used as early developers
  • Internship: Selection of 3rd grade students with expertise
  • Trainer: Selection among current students (available from the second semester of the first year)