Institute of Advanced Technology Education & Research


Purpose of establishment

The world is changing rapidly. Competitiveness in rapid changes requires embracing IT, leveraging data in new ways and taking a different approach to IT management.

iATER (Institute of Advanced Technology Education & Research) was established in October 2020 for the future generations of Laos.

In the era of 4th revolution, we plan to research in various fields of IT such as big data, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and smart sensors which are emerging as trending future businesses, and are focusing on research and fostering professional talent. Thus, in today’s society, IT is not an option but a must in all fields.

For this, Korea’s IT experts and professors are generously serving, and along with this, young Laotians who dream of becoming IT experts are working hard.

Looking at them, I am convinced that the future of IT Lao is bright. Our research center promises to do our best to strive for great talent and IT research, and we ask for your continued interest and support.


iATER provides young people with basic IT knowledge that is the foundation of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Algorithm Python, JAVA for web Back end / AI / Big-data HTML, CSS, JS,PHP for Web front.

Why do we teach coding?

iATER provides coding education to children and youths in Laos to popularize IT.

1. In the process of learning coding, you can develop your logic and thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and creativity. In particular, these things are more effective if you learn them from an early age.

2. It’s not just computers that are used for coding. It is active in most of the electronic devices we use, such as remotes, smartphones, and robot vacuum cleaners. It is evident that the influence of technology in our daily lives has grown.

  • iATER has been developing programs that are necessary for Laos, carrying out web and database projects for universities and NGOs, and publishing IT-related books.
  • Our research center wants to focus on research for the 4th industry by dispatching our staff for joint research such as Lab AI with universities in Korea.
  • We also wish to help Lao engineers start their own businesses whilst working together with Korean venture companies.