Department of Accounting

Department Overview

The accounting department aims to foster specialists in developing countries with professional and high levels of expertise in developing their state and society. To do this, we learn accounting systems to cope with the success of the system. Knowledge acquired in this subject is useful for accounting analysis in the company, industry, or personal business.


Educational Objective
  •  Have a detailed knowledge of the financial system.
  • Acquire overall inspection techniques for financial income, balance, and cash management.
  • The medical institution impl ements techniques for managing property management.
  • Receive daily, monthly, and year-end accounting techniques.


Main Subjects
  • Accounting in the Monthly
  • Accounting in the end of year
  • Capital Budgeting
  • Financial Analysis
  • Breakeven Analysis
  • Financial Planning
Employment status and graduate career status

Students who graduated from here will get work in institutions such as at a company, bank, office, or factory as an accountant or secretary.


Faculty Members